Making games with Python and Pygame!

February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized by Rob

I got this crazy idea to make a point and click adventure game. Inspired by the good old Monkey Island games back in the 90′s. I haven’t really come across any good adventure games these days anyways! I think game developers nowadays try to make the story to complicated or with too many side stories just to make the game last longer.

Since I’ve done a lot of short films and story telling I got this idea to make the cut scenes with real movie footage. It’s something I haven’t seen before either! The game environment would be pictures of real location and the characters would be real actors animated in a stop motion kind of way.

So I’ve been fooling around with Python and the game engine Pygame. It’s really a sweet coding language. You get things done very fast… if you know how to code… :) now, I haven’t been coding any games since the 90′s and back then I only coded with Qbasic and Basic. Somehow though I’ve learnt to do things in Python really fast! Got the basic functions figured out already + I got a mpeg playing really nicely in the engine.

OMG! It’s Guybrush Threepwood! :)

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