The Second Mind-Blow Thursday

March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized by Rob

Yesterday we had our second Mind-Blow Thursday in the Lab. It was me, Olli, Sebastian & Fred. Later Hector & Cribs also joined. Here’s what we discussed and what blew our minds..


Vertical food-growing gardens that use a dirt-free technique called hydroponics. At first we were amazed about it but then we started thinking. The dirt-technique has been around for millions of years and nature has developed it for all those years. Can we really out-clever nature on this one? With hydroponics you use mineral nutrients in the water and of course you need to buy these! When you plant in the soil you only need to make sure you have a good soil and for that you just need to have a good composting system. You don’t need to buy the nutrients! I guess hydroponics work good with todays consumer society but if you really think ecologically it’s not that good.

Read more here and make your own conclusions

Everything is a Remix

A mind-blowing documentary about remixing. You have to watch this at It lead to interesting discussions and to this video

What makes you get up in the morning? Think about Free Software & Open Source movement for example, giving tools, knowledge and power to the people. That’s a very good reason to rise up in the morning! I think you can get unlimited amount of energy from that source! ;)

Painting with Light

Fred started asking me questions about how cameras work. I gave him a short lesson and we somehow ended up taking these amazing pictures. It’s cool what you can do with a dark room, flashlight and a camera. If you want to try this for yourself use a very long shutter speed and a very small opening on your lens. We used 30 seconds and F22. Place the person or the object somewhere in the dark room, put your camera on a stand, take a picture and start light painting with the flashlight while the shutter is open.

W00t! Join us on next weeks Mind-Blow Thursday!