Dishwasher Hack

March 14, 2012 in 3d printing, household hack by Rob

An import plastic piece in my friends 2-year-old dishwasher had broken apart and it couldn’t function without it. It’s the lock mechanism that keeps the dishwashers door closed. My friend wanted to have it repaired but it turned out that there’s no repair shops that have these parts and you can’t order them from anywhere. He heard about my 3d printer and came to me with the dishwasher. We made 3 different prototypes of the plastic piece (all working ones). Took about two hours to make them. The last prototype we made much more robust and more simplistic than the original part.

My friend Jukka with the hacked dishwasher

Look at the dumb design of the original piece!

The original part on the left and the printed part on the right!

Printing the third prototype

Perfect match!


If you need the same hack to this dishwasher Matsui MF654EWN I can send you a part or if you know someone with a 3d printer you can download the part from Thingiverse